Benefits of Neurofeedback


Any neurologist out there will tell you that the brain is the most interesting organ in the body. In many ways, the brain is the best creation from God, comparing it to other creations in the universe. It is fascinating to note that the brain is like a human computer,  if not more. The mind can process incredible amounts of data on a daily basis, despite the volumes of information fed into it. This is the reason why most doctors recommend Neurofeedback therapy to their patients. Neurofeedback is a biofeedback, which measures brain waves triggered into the brain and produces feedback that ensures self-regulation of the brain. In a much simpler explanation, Neurofeedback is a way to teach your mind how to react more efficiently in different situations. So neurofeedback is like exercise drills for the brain to make the brain more resilient. The biological aspect of neurofeedback involves inducing electrical charges to the patients’ brain and analyzing the effects of the electrical charges to the patients. Total Brain Health is an online company that majors in neurofeedback therapy and has many specialists, who are well skilled in the treatment.

Neurofeedback process

If you are considering having neurofeedback therapy, it is essential to know that the treatment is completely harmless and painless. The therapy does not even kill body cells like chemotherapy. The neurofeedback process has a variety of training sessions, which include:

  • Eyes-open training method- this involves placing silver electrodes on the scalp and inducing different electrical charges to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia and panic attacks.
  • Synchrony- the primary purpose of this training exercise is to ensure that the brain is serene and meditative. The process also involves inducing electrical charges on the scalp, and the patient is given headphones to listen to soothing and relaxing music while different visuals are directed on the screens.
  • Alpha-theta- this exercise drill is mostly for people who are suffering from trauma. The therapy is very effective as it allows personal healing of the mind. The process of inducing electrical charges on the scalp is used, and the patient is given headphones to listen to soothing music as well. The patient is blindfolded and kept in a meditating mood.

Benefits of Neurofeedback

The essential thing to understand is that neurofeedback benefits everyone despite the age. No parent in their right mind would like to see their children experiencing sleeping or eating disorders or even hyperactivity and nightmares. Total Brain Health is always there to offer therapy to any child with the above disorders. We all know that the adolescent stage is a challenging stage for most teenagers mainly due to the rapid changes that the teenagers experience. Total Brain Health offers therapy to teenagers suffering from emotional problems, self-esteem issues, and depression. The treatment is also important for adults to help them relieve some of the post-traumatic stress. Neurofeedback is very important especially in all stages of life. Total Brain Health despite offering neurofeedback therapy they offer psychotherapy to heal the mind. Total Brain Health is the best online company that provides the best exercise drills for the brain without exposing the brain to any physical damage.


Know how Neurofeedback works?


The human brain is a fascinating organ in the body. It can process a lot of information on a daily basis, despite the volumes of data fed into it. This is the reason why doctors introduced neurofeedback. Neurofeedback, also called Neurotherapy, is a biofeedback which measures brain waves and produces feedback to ensure self-regulation of the brain. It involves software that provides visuals and aural feedback, to enable the brain to regulate itself. Neurofeedback works together with psychotherapy because neurofeedback cures the brain while psychotherapy recuperates the mind. When neurofeedback and psychotherapy are administered concurrently, they improve the brain’s functions and enable the brain to make decisions that are more conscious and healthier. A simpler explanation of neurofeedback is that it involves exercise drills for the brain. Neurofeedback involves electrical charges in the brain and analyzing the patient’s response to the charges. Total Brain Health is a company that offers neurofeedback therapy to patients with specific disorders. The company is equipped with specialists and machines that help in the treatment.

Benefits of neurofeedback

No one would like to see his or her loved one experiencing anxiety and panic disorders. These kinds of problems are the kind that makes people panic and feel helpless that there is no any solution to such disorders. To anyone suffering from these diseases or have loved ones suffering from the diseases are lucky to know that neurofeedback can solve these problems. The neurofeedback is administered according to the age of the patients. In children, mostly the neurofeedback is used to solve problems like

  • Hyperactive
  • Nightmares
  • Sleeping difficulties

In many pubescent cases, the teenagers tend to have many emotional issues that are caused by the growth changes. The teenagers often get depression, as the growth changes that occur in this stage might not be welcoming. This adolescent stage is mostly accompanied with peer pressure, self-esteem issues and defiance of authority. In most adolescent cases, these factors are what cause depression in teenagers. The neurofeedback therapy helps these teenagers cope with the changes they are facing and take control of their lives. Adults need neurofeedback treatment because of the enormous parental responsibilities they have in their lives. The neurofeedback treatment prevents adults from getting post-traumatic-stress.


Most people assume that psychotherapy is usually for people who are insane or people who are in relationships. The truth is, psychotherapy is intended for anyone who wants to improve a particular aspect of their lives. Take, for example, having problems with your social skills. The best solution for this is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy improves a person’s well being and solves the issues surrounding a person with emotional and social problems. This means the next time you’re experiencing problems with your social skills just seek psychotherapy treatment from total Brain Health Company for guidance. Neurofeedback treatment is beneficial for many disorders and highly recommended by researchers and doctors. The therapy applies to everyone and people should consider it. As for psychotherapy, it just improves your skills.







NeurofeedbackThe brain is undoubtedly one of the most intrinsically complicated organs in the human body. In today’s world, the mind is continuously being bombarded by stimulus and information whichever way we look, be it advertisements on local TV, billboards, news feeds on the internet, sensory stimuli sights and sound conversations between friends and family. There is so much to decode in such little time. So for anyone who wants to be efficient and balanced in this life, your brain has to deal efficiently with all the data it is receiving, filter what is unnecessary, and decode it much more effective for it to be useful information in your life. That is why we give you neurofeedback.

So, what is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a natural, non-invasive way of teaching the brain on how to respond more effectively in an automotive way. In layman’s terms, it is like exercise drills but specifically designed for your brain muscles.

Electrical charges in your brain allow you to either respond efficiently or poorly and these electrical charges are what are used to help your brain focus. In a neurofeedback therapy, these brain electrical charges are studied to establish what is wrong before a training schedule is drawn out to correct the problem.


No normal reasoning parent wants to see their child go through a stressful and potentially traumatic experience. In the event such difficulties do occur the parents can often feel helpless and unable to protect their child. The good news, however, is in such situations and circumstances children can benefit from the use of neurofeedback. Neurofeedback solves issues and Childhood problems like

–    Sleeping problems

–    Eating difficulties

–    Nightmares

–    Hyperactivity

–    Oppositional/defiant behavior

Adolescents in particular experience a range of emotional problems and some of them suffer from morbid depression and other psychological issues due to hormonal imbalance and the growth changes.

A majority of the cases the adolescent tends to become at odds with anyone who seems like an authority figure, self-esteem issues also become heightened, pressures of their academic work increase, and they tend to fall victim to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Neurofeedback can potentially help teens gain mental focus, performance, and self-esteem back ultimately saving them from a life of sorrow, health complications and regret later in their lives.

Adults also benefit from neurofeedback. As we all know adulthood can be tough with the pressures of deadlines, bills to pay, continually being in the rat race, feeling under accomplished and underachieved especially with social media bombarding people with fake filtered lives. All these can potentially cause people to have nervous breakdowns and gradually form a feeling of complete and utter uselessness invading their hearts and minds. Mood disorders, anger issues, consistent headaches, some brain injuries and trauma such as post-traumatic-stress disorders can all be treated with the use of neurofeedback to restore a sense of calmness, order and restore empathy to an individual.

Even in the old age and twilight years of our lives it is imperative that we live as long as we can and do so blissfully. We do not have to fear neurological disorders such as dementia and Parkinson disease that can be treated by use of neurofeedback


Chat with a San Diego psychology expert and empower your mental wellness

psychologyHave you ever heard the comment going to college will better your future? Those words are not exactly true when thinking how many of us are so different from one another. Every one of us has different plans about what we want to do with our lives and some of us need to do things one day at a time because there are many items taking place that require focus and attention like family, work, and his or her own mental wellness strength.

We all have daily tasks to perform and how we look at those tasks does say a lot about us. Consider this thought, if you are someone who looks at a daily task whether it is at work or home and just do it because you know it is something that needs to be taken care of that action makes you a person with achievement perspective in mind. If when seeing a task, you walk away that is negative perspective. We all have different views when seeing things take place and will react differently it is natural human behavior. Keep in mind, just because a person walks away from a task he or she may have good reason for doing so. They may be in the middle of doing another important matter such as tending to an upset child that’s been injured or it could be someone in the office environment entering a meeting with a client.

The point is everyone has important duties to perform throughout the day. Sometimes we can get so stressed daily activity suddenly becomes something we can no longer manage. Persons have experienced this issue and it has brought sunshine days to anguish and despair. A helpful professional that will listen to your concerns is Dr. Judy Phillips. She is the greatest San Diego psychology expert with a lovely and kind heart that can help you work through managing your situation.

As a registered San Diego psychology expert, Dr. Phillips is skilled to assist her patients get mentally well again using the combination of psychology and neurofeedback. How neurofeedback works is by use of an EEG; you are watching a video game with your mind. The feedback shown will help Dr. Phillips help create the best psychology care so you can retrain the brain how you want to think. Statistics have shown neurofeedback can help persons with fear, depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, migraines, headaches, stress, and even organic brain disorders have benefited from this matter. Specific generalized seizure disorders can be assisted, bedwetting episodes, nightmares, and fear has been assisted with the helpful benefit of psychology and neurofeedback. This is a very safe procedure that statistics has shown to be helpful.

Let Total Brain Health help your mental wellness recovery!

Do you seek group therapy in San Diego to be your support system?

gouptheprayCongratulations for choosing to attend group therapy in San Diego that is something you should be very proud of because it is a major achievement. This may feel a bit scary but don’t worry as we will be right here beside to listen to your needs and not judge you. Group therapy in San Diego is a different experience for every person so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

When attending your first visit to group therapy in San Diego there will be a small group of members present. That small group will consist of approximately five to 15 patients including Dr. Judy Phillips who is the host. The reason is to give everyone the feeling of ease when speaking about the topic in the group when they want to speak up. As mentioned, the group therapy in San Diego you will be attending is for specific topics and to assist patients with his or her own recovery.

The benefit of attending a group therapy meeting in San Diego is to listen, learn, and reflect on your own situation (s) but also how you will move forward to improve. By listening to others, we can freely obtain helpful guidance that will be to our own benefit. Attending group discussions in San Diego are a helpful area to speak freely without concern of our personal information being shared. The information we share at these meetings will only stay with the persons who are in attendance. Every member is there for one reason and that is to obtain peace and guidance through his or her situation with the assistance of Dr. Judy Phillips. Dr. Phillips will listen and ask questions as she feels it is something helpful to everyone. The benefit of being a part of group therapy in San Diego no member is going to be pushed for speaking up; everyone can speak when he or she is ready.

The reason for Dr. Judy Phillips creating such a helpful group of this nature for her patients is so they can freely speak on their own about what is troubling them. Dr. Phillips has also created something called neurofeedback which her group therapy patients have been using to rebuild mental strength. The benefits of neurofeedback are wonderful as it’s completely harmless, and it makes a person feel wonderful about themselves. The use of neurofeedback will help a patient feel good about themselves because this is retraining the mind to think positive.  Dr. Judy Phillips provides confidential appointments with her patients to discuss what group therapy will best assist you.

Total Brain Health provides group discussions in San Diego that will help your need; visit us today!

You always have a listening ear when visiting the psychology office in San Diego

Every day in life brings us different circumstances just like riding a roller coaster and on this roller coaster of life there are moments of joy, moments of anxiety, and moments of frustration. Sometimes during these moments, we can feel a bit overwhelmed as there are so many feelings and many activities going on all at once; we just don’t know how to comprehend or even feel. That can be troublesome but there is a way to handle these times and there is someone that is quite willing to sit and listen to what is going on because they do understand daily activities can become a burden.

Dr. Judy Phillips is a wonderful listener, and she has a psychology office in San Diego with a confidential, quiet and comfortable atmosphere that will meet your circumstances. Dr. Phillips does understand how at times daily tasks can be challenging with the changing errands that take place throughout the week and it is the combination of those items along with working and taking care of family that can bring about the feelings of being tired and ready to give up.

Everyone gets frustrated, but there is hope and there is a solution that can help you begin again. The key is to always know someone is here for you to listen and they will help guide you to finding that solution within yourself. On top of being a great listener Dr. Phillips can show you how to begin again so you can start to feel better and begin repairing yourself. Your visit with Dr. Phillips will be very focused. There are different types of therapy she does for each patient because each person is unique. Meditation and yoga are two items that will release negative energy so they are favorable.

Another therapy patients do benefit from is neurofeedback because this therapy has given assistance to patients because it shows them how to control what is taking place. Neurofeedback also known as biofeedback shows the activity of the brain while watching a video game using the mind to watch it. No medication is used, no electricity, there is nothing felt during the procedure; the patient sits in a chair and watches a video game with his or her mind while sterile EEG sensors read the brain activity.

This brain activity of ebb and flow will then be printed out (i.e. feedback) and Dr. Phillips will review and see your cognitive ability, attention ability and emotional distress. Knowing the above information Dr. Phillips can then further determine the best plan of action to take for your therapy needs and mental wellness. Dr. Phillips likes using this type of therapy because it has given her patients assistance in achieving better control in life. Statistics have shown persons feeling stress, anxiety, or depression have become better status. To obtain the best long-term care patients should be see Dr. Phillips for her suggestion of visitations. It is also important for patients to want mental healing for this therapy to work as it is a healing of the mind, not a medical cure. Patients that are medically ill should be under the care of a primary physician to obtain the best medical care plan. Schedule your visit at Total Brain Health with Dr. Judy Phillips and visit the psychology office in San Diego to begin repairing yourself and become happy once again.

A San Diego psychologist can be your guide to being the new and improved you

It doesn’t matter whether we are a stay at home parent or someone that is a business executive, each person has different types of challenges they must work through on a daily basis and those everyday tasks can become quite the burden for persons who have a disability or illness. It is just the same struggle for persons who are facing addiction, emotional issues, or chronic pain. All of these matters are extreme and the person facing them will have trouble getting well until he or she has found the right support system.

Life is never an easy thing because we all face days when we feel wonderful then we have moments when we are feeling down, it is a constant rollercoaster. There are little things we can do in moments of feeling down to help give ourselves that feeling of energy. Something that has been known to work when having moments of frustration is using a journal and writing all of your thoughts. No one will see this journal unless you share it with them so those thoughts will be confidential just like your visit with Dr. Judy Phillips, your San Diego psychologist.

Writing out all of your thoughts can actually be helpful because it will clear your mind of clutter and allow you to continue the day of errands or whatever it is that need be done. Sometimes when our minds fill up with clutter we feel overwhelmed or get anxious but after we release those thoughts, we can feel more at peace with ourselves and in a calmer state. There are some who have chosen to use the form of meditation when feeling frustration with challenges as meditation is another way to let the mind become clear and free.

Many patients of Dr. Judy Phillips do appreciate her confidential San Diego psychology therapist skill because mental wellness can also be accomplished through use of the neurofeedback technique. This technique is completed by using an EEG to read brainwave activity to improve mental wellness and your state of mind. Statistics have shown the neurofeedback process does benefit a patient because it records the ebb and flow of the brain while a person watches a game with his or her mind.

The neurofeedback test is quite safe as all sensors are sterile, no voltage is used, and patients will feel no pain during the test. It is a very harmless examination of how the brain works to help Dr. Judy Phillips build the best therapy goal for improving your mind health. Neurofeedback will have different benefits for every patient because each person is different. It is also important to note neurofeedback has shown to improve cognitive ability, attention capability, and emotional distress on persons. It is suggested by Dr. Phillips the best plan of action for long-term success is working with her suggested therapy of 20 sessions that are 1 hour of neurofeedback and psychotherapy. Patients have felt improvement after the first visit and continued coming back; this shows positive results. Contact Total Brain Health so we can help you regain the wonderful stress free life you’ve been missing.

5 helpful tips for holiday stress from your San Diego psychology office

The Christmas holiday is right around the corner and that may mean taking a day trip or perhaps traveling long distance to meet with family members to celebrate the holiday. For some persons this can be a time of excitement but for others this time of season can be an anxiety or stress issue. The thought of traveling can actually be overwhelming to some if he or she is traveling alone or if they are not getting task help from other family members.

Everyone reacts differently during the holiday season and this is quite natural. The holiday is a joyous time and should never be stressful. Here are five helpful tips from the San Diego psychology office to manage your stress level during the Christmas holiday:

  1. Plan ahead on what you will be doing. There are only so many hours in a day and you only have so much time to make the best of your visit with family. If there are certain activities you don’t feel like doing, then don’t go and do make others aware of your plans. You shouldn’t feel bad about it either because you should be happy and not feel obligated in any way to meet the expectations of others.
  2. Ever get the feeling there are times when a person says something, and it comes out the wrong way? Rather than respond to the best solution is to walk away calm. This will prevent any type of calamity from taking place plus it will also avoid you from building up stress.
  3. The holiday time is a wonderful period to enjoy special items with alcohol, both food and beverages. The best way to manage the holiday is to manage your own senses so you are always in control. Sometimes a person can become vulnerable or aggressive when drinking so it is best to always keep solid footing.
  4. The holiday is a time to reflect. Think about what makes you happy. There are difficult times we all face in life but there are times when we do reflect and come upon those moments of thought we thank those of us for being there and making us smile.
  5. The holiday can be stressful but you can make it memorable. Consider the good qualities within everyone around and it will build an enlightening experience to your heart.

You are an important person and the holiday season is your time to relax. San Diego psychology is available for you at any time you need someone to speak with; contact us at Total Brain Health.



How San Diego psychology can rebuild your life by taking away frustration and stress

Have you been getting frustrated at work due to certain project matter and it is only becoming more intimidating rather than improving? These types of things can take place and usually do fade out over time. There can also be moments when things will happen and not go away and you feel overwhelmed.

When you feel frustration from the workplace, it is okay to take a moment and regather your thoughts to rebuild a strategy. Regathering your thoughts can be of benefit and the San Diego psychology therapist who can assist building your mental strength is Dr. Judy Phillips.

How San Diego psychology can assist you regain mental strength is with neurofeedback therapy. The therapy is very helpful to persons under stressful situations and having difficulty moving forward with a work project. San Diego psychology will show you how this type of therapy allows the brain to learn efficiently.Every age group can benefit from this type of learning therapy.

How neurofeedback works is by use of an EEG because the sensors of the EEG will read the ebb and flow of your mind activity. This is a very safe technique that is practiced on patients allowing him or her to focus on what is needed to organize. Neurofeedback is a very safe and therapeutic learning process that we provide at the San Diego psychology department to take care of your needs.

There are no medications needed with this learning therapy. Patients are asked to watch a video game with their mind while sterile EEG sensors are attached to the outside of their head. The feedback has provided assistance to persons who experience depression, ADHD, anxiety, and other emotional disorders. Why neurofeedback works so well as a learning therapy is because it does improve cognitive ability, attention capability and lowers emotional distress.

This type of therapy has also been shown to work with persons who experience seizures, PTSD, bed wetting, fear, migraines, headaches, autism, and persons who have experienced organic brain disorders. Do keep in mind neurofeedback is a learning therapy practiced by others to build the health of your mind. If you are unhealthy physically, this therapy is not going to benefit; please see a primary care or specialty doctor to obtain medical care.

Every San Diego psychology patient will be provided with a suggested number of therapy sessionsbyDr. Phillips. This number is to achieve and extend your desired outcome. Dr. Phillips is ahighly skilled psychologist in this field and can happily answer questions during a free and private consultation;visit Total Brain Health to schedule an appointment.


If you want to rid an addiction, the San Diego neurofeedback can help

Do you or someone you love face an addiction that is being troublesome? This issue can be faced directly without fear because you will now have a licensed professional to show how this addiction monster can be defeated.  Any addict can solve their addiction to alcohol or substance abuse by using the San Diego neurofeedback because you will discover ways to become stronger and make healthy focused choices for an emotionally fit and more relaxed life style.

How does neurofeedback work? That is a very fair and honest question. The San Diego neurofeedback works by using the sensors of an EEG to read the ebb and flow of your brain. This is quite safe as you are watching a game with your mind. There is no type of medication used so the test will be safe. The results from the test will help Dr. Judy Phillips assist you to begin feeling better about yourself.

The use of neurofeedback is helpful because using this therapy it will provide better understanding how to improve:

  • Cognitive ability
  • Attention capability
  • Emotional distress

When you first visit Dr. Phillips there may be hesitation but know she is there to assist and answer all of your questions during her free consultation with you. Building the power of strength and overcoming an addiction is a very difficult issue, Dr. Phillips fully does understand your concerns, and she does keep everything you say to her in confidentiality; it goes no further.

Because neurofeedback allows you to exercise the mind, this can be that building block to create the strength within and conquer the addiction that has taken over. Do keep in mind the neurofeedback is a process so you may or may not begin to see positive signs after your first hour session. It is recommended for a long lasting change on average to complete 20 sessions. She will discuss the beautiful new you that can be achieved during your consultation with her.

An important note to keep in mind is these sessions are only meant to help increase the strength in your mind. If you are unhealthy, it is important to be visiting your primary or specialty doctor for medical care. Neurofeedback is only used to improve mental strength, and it has been shown to help persons who are experiencing issues with addiction, fear, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and much more.

Dr. Phillips can help you rid that addiction monster from your life for good; visit Total Brain Health and schedule a visit with her today.